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  • Sumarmál (Summer-meal) Celebration
    Skylands Asatru Fellowship Meetup Skylands Asatru Fellowship will be celebrating the start of Summer with the traditional Summer-meal. We will be making blót to Odin for victory and success in the coming year, feasting, performing a seidr ritual, sumble, and more. This event is limited to members of Skylands Asatru Fellowship and invited guests. All […]
  • Day Trip to Columcille
    Skylands Asatru Fellowship Meetup Let's spend a relaxing and awe-inspiring day at Columcille Megalith Park. We'll wander the paths and take in the sights, and catch an early dinner somewhere nearby. Details on the park can be found here: Bangor, PA 18013 - USA Saturday, May 19 at 12:30 PM 4
  • Meet and Greet
    Skylands Asatru Fellowship Meetup Join us for an informal meet-and-greet at an area bar/restaurant.This is a perfect opportunity to get to know us, learn a little about what Asatru is (and isn't), and in general have a good time in a relaxed atmosphere. Milford - USA Saturday, March 31 at 6:00 PM 4
  • Asatru 101 Class
    Skylands Asatru Fellowship Meetup Interested in Asatru, but not sure where to start? Got questions, but don't know who to ask? Well, have we got an event for you! Our Asatru 101 classes are designed for both the beginner who wants to learn the very basics, to the advanced Asatruar who is interested in hearing […]

About Us

The Skylands Ásatrú Fellowship is a recognized 501(c)3 religious organization based in northwest New Jersey. We practice the religion called Ásatrú, which is the modern expression of the ancient religion of the people of northern and western Europe before they were converted to Christianity.

As we practice it, Ásatrú is a blending of the legends of the Sagas and Eddas, as well as more recent folklore and the needs of the modern world. It is a place where the descendants of those ancient travelers can finally come home to the Gods of their ancestors.

We hold regular gatherings, some religious, some educational, and some social (see our listing of events to the left).

We encourage anyone whose ancestors once worshiped the Gods and Goddesses of the North to "come home" to Ásatrú. You're welcome here.

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